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Foods that make your sex drive smoother!



There are some foods that end up leading to a healthy sex drive in men and women. If these foods are added to your day-to-day eating habits so you will get to see the incredible spark in your sexual stamina. A diet consists of proper vitamins, minerals, protein, and healthy fats lead to fallouts like-

  • Increased sexual stamina
  • High blood flow in the penis
  • Active body and mindset and
  • Boosted up libido

Evicting the sugar and saturated fats from your diet helps prevent disorders like hormonal conditions and metabolic syndrome that affect sexual stamina (libido). Here we are listing some foods that make you bold and high on the bed if you include them in your diet. However, if you are under any medical conditions or allergic to any outlined below foods so consult with the doctor before using them.

#1 Oysters- 

  • Oysters hold aphrodisiac properties it which increase sexual performance, desire, stamina, and behavior. 
  • Another enriched element in oysters is zinc, which boosts the blood flow in the sex organs. 
  • The high amount of zinc increases fertility by boosting up testosterone levels in males. 
  • Studies lead that lack consumption of zinc downfall or negatively affect the testosterone level. 
  • If seafood is not the cup of your tea, you can go with other sources that also possess zinc in high proportion: pumpkin seeds, pork, beef, and baked beans. 

#2 specific meats- 

  • Adding the meats and other foods in the diet that holds the amino acid in high proportion assist in improving healthy sex drive life.
  • There are some high enriched protein foods that hold the elements like zinc and carnitine, which increases blood flow in sex organs.
  • When the blood flow to the sex organ is high so the sexual stimulation will be high.
  • Researches lead that products that hold the arginine help to treat the mild to moderate Ed in males.
  • However, don’t forget excess consumption of the meal can result in negative fallouts to the heart.
  • Suppose if you are vegan so you can get these properties from whole grain and dairy products.

#3 Salmon- 

  • Salmon is considered a good source of heart-healthy omega-three fatty acids.
  • This can help you to increase your libido, improve semen quality and prevent premature ejaculation.
  • The most significant advantage of having the omega3 acids is that it prevents plaque stock in the arteries, which results in healthy blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Fish holds various healthy elements such as protein, vitamin D, vitamin B-12, and Z, which improve sex organs.
  • As per the FDA guidelines, people should have fish twice a week to keep the heart and blood throughout the body healthy.

#4 Apple- 

  • Apple is always considered a boon for health. This fruit functions to offer stable mental, physical and sexual health.
  • Besides, this fruit is enriched with the compound known as quercetin which offers numerous benefits in the sex life of all age groups people such as-


  •        Encouraging healthy blood flow in the entire body
  •        Addressing the symptoms of the ED
  •        Functions to treat the signs of prostates
  • High blood pressure always leads the trouble in healthy sex drive. Thus, this fruit holds quercetin, which helps to lower the high BP.
  • Additionally, high blood pressure is the primary cause of ED in males as it affects the blood flow to the genitals.
  • In females, high BP results in numerous concerns in sex life, such as lack of interest & libido, and causes fatigue.

#5 Red wine- 

  • Red wine holds the same properties named quercetin in the high properties, increasing the blood blow throughout the body.
  • A study was done in 2009, where 798 has the red wine in mild to moderate ratio, which leads them highly sexually stimulated and lubricated.
  • On the contrary, consuming red wine more than two glasses or taking other alcoholic drinks will not lead to the same effects.

#6 Nuts and seeds- 

  • Rather than binge eating unhealthy food, go and add certain nuts and seeds to your habit eating to get admiring results in sex life. 
  • Studies prove that cashews and almonds are good in zinc and l-arginine, which boost sex power and encourage blood circulation. 
  • However, there are some sorts of nuts and seed outlines that you can add in eating habits to improve your bedtime and sex organs- 


  • Walnut
  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Hazelnuts
  • Peanuts


  • Additionally, walnuts are on the top list as they are rich in omega-3s.
  • Although, if you are allergic to any above substance or restricted to use due to any medical condition. Therefore, kindly avoid using them.

#7 Beets- 

  • Beetroots holds the elements like vitamins and antioxidants in a high ratio, which makes the lifestyle healthy.
  • They also own one more element named dietary nitrates, which functions to assist you in strengthening sex life and libido.
  • Besides, researchers believe that taking the beetroot for few weeks can also improve exercise capacity.
  • A compound dietary nitrate from beetroot helps to function to address the health issues like high blood pressure.

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