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10 Tips to avoid weight gain during Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we all are waiting for something exciting after covid 19. Thanks for the upcoming holidays. But some parts of our body do not want food and holidays. You know why? Because of excessive food, laziness, procrastination, and doing nothing at all.  That is why you need to check this article because we have collected some amazingly quick and easy tips to overcome your eating habit. And avoid weight gain during Thanksgiving

Let’s check the best ten tips to avoid weight gain.

1- Get a proper sleep

You won’t believe it, but it is true that women who sleep 6 hours a day tend to gain 30% weight as compared to women who sleep 7 hours a day. 

Thus, it is important to take proper sleep that helps to maintain body balance and mind coordination.

Lack of sleep and more awake time increase hunger feeling at night. Due to that, higher calorie intake increases suddenly.

According to the research, lower metabolism is linked with improper sleep. 

2- Exercise all the time

I am not saying to hit the gym 24/7, but you should be engaged in more physical activities. For instance, take the staircase, walk regularly. After lunch and evening snacks, you must perform some physical activities. 

Besides, doing your own work is the perfect motto. make your own lunch and dinner and try to not be seated all the time

3- Always eat breakfast

Nutritionists always suggest to their patients to eat breakfast. why? Because when you get up early in the morning, your body needs energy and full proper food with protein and vitamins. 

But when you ignore that and keep your stomach empty, that increases hunger in the body, and you tend to eat more at the end of the day.

In fact, consuming protein in breakfast automatically decreases calorie consumption by reducing appetite.

Protein is also useful for weight loss because it boosts your metabolism and reduces the levels of appetite hormones. 

4- Learn to say NO.

Yes, this may hurt your friend on a thanksgiving day, but it is important to keep yourself healthy. 

Do not eat everything they offer you.

5- Count glasses when you drink

It is important because most people drink more and eat less and get confused when they gain weight. Therefore, it is important to check how much you are drinking and how many glasses you put down. 

It will help you to stop gaining weight on occasions and you should focus on fiber only. 

Fiber is another essential nutrient that produces a full feeling.

Unusual studies show that improved dietary fiber can decrease total calorie consumption, which may help in weight gain during holidays.

Unluckily, many traditional holiday meals lack sufficient amounts of fiber. Thus, try to do your best to eat fiber-rich meals, such as vegetables, fruits, beans, whole cereals, nuts, and seeds.

6- Involve in activities

Many people on occasions and parties prefer to sit and eat and repeat. But some people are involved in activities like food preparation, cooking, making tables and cleaning stuff. ot you can go out to buy items from the grocery store. 

Besides, there are some activities you can do that you can be busy in and lose some weight while grooving on a piece of music.

7- Be more talkative 

It is the easiest tip to reduce eating while having a party at home. People who talk more at a table or in general and are less involved in food eating. That is what you should try on family occasions.

8- Eat in short intervals

Eating in short intervals like 2 hours, helps to stop weight gain. Also, you do not feel like eating more at once. This command helps to make your mind and stomach full and satisfied. 

Besides, people who eat in larger portions easily gain weight. And people eat more on occasions and holidays so it is important to portion your plate size. 

To manage relevant portion quantities, see food labels and the suggested serving quantities listed on receipts. And If you can’t do that too, use your best decision to load your plate with a moderate amount of food.

9- Drink more water and weight regularly

Drinking water before a meal helps to eat less and your stomach feels full while eating. 

Weighing regularly really helps to stop eating. It helps to make yourself aware and alert. So, you can keep dieting and running regularly. 

scale during the weekends can warn you of your weight gain, enabling you to take effort before important weight gain sets in.

Studies recommend that people who weigh regularly control or lose weight healthier than those people who don’t weigh themselves.

Find a method that operates best for you. Some find it helpful to reduce their importance daily, while others think once or twice a week only.

10- Less consume of dessert

It is the weakest point of everyone and people always jump on desserts. So, try not to look at sweets and desserts, but in case you desperately want to take a bite.


These tips are very easy to execute, and if you are playing to reduce weight, then you must try these. I understand how weight reduction is a tough job for everyone. But it needs commitment and a schedule.

Also, during the covid 19 lockdowns, it must be tough for you to stick to the plan and gain weight.

I hope these best 10 tips to avoid weight gain during Thanksgiving will help you to achieve your goals. However, it is a one-time occasion and everybody wants to enjoy it. So you can plan the whole diet in a week and plan a cheat day on weekends only. That is how you can keep maintaining your body weight.

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