Know the ultimate connectivity between Yoga and Sleep


A night of peaceful sleep is a state of good mental health. But Insomnia meaning a common illness in which people are facing restlessness during Stress, Anxiety, or lack of accelerated peace of sleep. Moreover, it can be challenging to stay awake too long and going back to sleep in the morning.

We at Tramadol50mghigh would like to tell you about the bright side of Insomnia and sleep.


What is Sleep?

In fact, it’s a condition of relaxation in which our body undergoes on a subconscious level. It slows down the brain’s activity for better performance of psychological and physiological health. 


What happens with our bodies during a great sleep?

When we sleep, the temperature of our body decreases. The movement of the eyes stops, and the thinking ability becomes slower. Even our brain starts reminding the activity of an entire day in the manner of dreams. 

Benefits of sleep:

  • A timely sleep boosts your immunity systems. 
  • It strengthens your heart and reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases. 
  • Better sleep is equal to a better mood. 
  • Sleep also enhances the performance of the workout. 
  • It improves the ability to memorize things. 

What happens during a lack of sleep? 

Insomnia causes during lack of sleep. Even it is more likely to occur in women than in men. Probably 10 percent of people experienced its chronic stage. 

Did you know? 

Brain cells start eating their cells during the excessive stage of chronic Insomnia. 

Let me explain to you this within simple words. 


A study of mice for sleeping research

Even recent research of mice that was led by Dr. Michele Bellesi, MD, Ph.D. from the University of Bristol conducts a study on the various sleep conditions, such as Long sleep, less than 8 hours of Nap, and spending five days continuously without any rest.


Result: This result indicates the functioning of Astrocytes according to the various zone of sleep. 


  • Long sleep: It shows 6% of astrocytes’ activity level  having long enough slept for a particular day and night. 


  • Sleepless than 8 hours: The activity level of astrocytes becomes 8% during the stage of fewer than 8 hours of sleep. 


Insomnia: The astrocyte level enhances up-to the level of 13.5% for five days without a single nap.    

It means cells actively work if we sleep less. Hence, it same effects happen with humans. In other words, it enhances the chances of

Not only this, but it also contains the condition of Alzheimer’s and dementia for the long term.


According to the sleep foundation, there are two main types of Insomnia: 


(Source: YouTube)

  • Short term Insomnia: Also known as short-term Insomnia that happens during hypertension or stress full experiences. It lasts up to 3 months. But, also converts into its chronic form. 


  • Chronic Insomnia: It happens due to a lack of sleeping habits for more than three months. It damages the brain neurons and makes you feel numb all the time. 


Tips to get better sleep and dream: 

  • Insomnia treatment is necessary to stabilize the mental health to generate more thinking ability. 
  • Try to do meditation just for 15 minutes a day. It calms the mind and makes you asleep quickly. 
  • Follow the same duration of your sleep daily as it plays a vital role in great sleep. 
  • Make your bedroom clutter-free and limit the usage of electric devices during your bedtime. 
  • Limit the use of caffeine. 
  • Do some work out as it improves the flow of blood in your brain. 


In case if the situation goes out of hand, then consult with your doctor. They will prescribe you the right insomnia medicine to control the impact of restlessness.

Meanwhile if you’re facing such symptoms of uncomfortable sleep, then test yourself through an Insomnia quiz such as: 


Which environment is reliable for good sleep?

    • Daytime sleep 
    • Cluttered bed 
    • Cool and subtle bedroom 
    • None of these 


Is it possible to live with Insomnia?

    • Yes 
    • No


How to Treat Insomnia? 

    • Meditation 
    • Sleeping pills 
    • Late-night awake 
    • None of the above 


However, consult with your doctor to reduce the chances of sleep and rest. In fact, teenagers are likely to have more symptoms of Insomnia. Not only this medication is not enough. Even the way of living and a healthy lifestyle is also another reason for it.



Sleep is a therapy to make your brain free from the unnecessary process of neurotransmitters. Hence, a limited period of rest tranquilizes your mind and produces an excessive amount of GABA. 

Moreover, this chemical reduces the effect of Insomnia and makes you feel free from stress and anxiety disorder. Start your day with a healthy workout. It will improve your mental health. 

According to the research mentioned above, do you think that the theory of Astrocytes is real? What is the therapy that improves the daily schedule of sleep? Comment your opinion and share your way of good sleep and health.


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