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Low Libido in men: A cause of separation between couples


Do you no longer feel the spark of sex? Do you find it problematic to get sexually aroused with your partner? These might be the symptoms of low libido. Low libido is a sexual disorder wherein men go through a lack of desire and interest in sex. There is a concept in manhood that men are always up for sex. however, it is not true that men are always up when they are under the problems like low libido and erectile dysfunction. The reasons for the low libido in men vary from one person to another.

Men tend to hide such problems and feel ashamed to come to open up. Although, conditions like low libido can be prevented and treated by approaching the right treatment and daily habits. However, if you don’t come up and look for treatment, it may worsen the condition over time.

Reminder: low libido is not a taboo on your manhood, period! 

There are many factors that can contribute to the existence of low libido in your life. However, if you are caught by it so you can approach the most suitable treatment listed below. Even though you are informed not to apply any treatment without a professional’s advice.

Come with us to know more facts causes of low libido in men.

What does low libido men indicate? 

Low libido is a medical term that indicates a lack of interest or no interest in sexual activities. This problem is mainly in males. However, females also possess the same possibilities to encounter it. Comparatively, men are prone than females to meet the medical condition named low libido.

It is normal to lose interest in sexual activities when one passes through the anxious and problematic phase. Although, when the anxious and problematic phase is over, the spark ignites the same in the body. For sex activities. Notable, when the problems persist longer so it might be the concern.

When the low libido takes place for a longer duration, it might be an indication of other health conditions. There are numerous health conditions which are the causes of low libido in men. the most common disease that leads the “low libido” in men are depression, restless legs syndrome, sleep problems, and low self-esteem.

Studies lead that multiple factors usually cause low libido in men. The factors might be included psychological and physical conditions. Psychological circumstances, for instance, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety, are considered more responsible for low sex drive in males. Therefore, if you go through any such medical conditions, kindly contact the doctor initially. In addition, delaying or long-term existence can affect your overall health status.

What are the causes of low libido in men? 

There are numerous factors that play an integral role in the development of the low libido. However, the specific cause usually differs from one sufferer to another. Although, there are some factors that are considered more prone to lead the low libido. There are some factors listed below, and if you find any of them responsible factor to cause low libido in men. Thereafter, contact with the doctor rather than trying to apply acquired information from the internet.

The doctor recommends treatment after appraising your medical history and current health. However, adopting any treatment without the recommendation of the professional can lead to severe results. Therefore, take the medical consultation to know about the factors that are the cause the low libido in you.

#1 Low testosterone level- 

  • Testosterone is a name of a hormone that is found in males in their testicles. 
  • This hormone usually releases in the body during puberty. 
  • The level of testosterone is responsible for the sex drive. 
  • If It is present in a high amount so the interest in sexual activities will be high. 
  • Although if it is present in your body in less amount, you will find it hard to get sexually function or have no interest in sexual activities. 
  • The study believes the testosterone level decreases itself in males by 1 to 2% each year after the 30s. 
  • Therefore, if you sense it might be the reason, talk to your doctor about possible treatments. 

#2 Medications- 

  • There are several medications that function in the body by affecting the testosterone level.
  • The long-term consumption of various medications can lead to a downfall in the testosterone level.
  • For instance, medications for BP like beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors can cause ED and ejaculation problems.
  • Other medications that own the potential to lower the testosterone level of the body are opioids pain-reliever, chemotherapy, anabolic steroids, and some specific anti-depressants.
  • If you are using any such medication, which is a leading problem in your sex drive, ask your doctor to recommend other medications.

#3 Restless legs syndrome – 

  • It might be shocking, but yes, continuously moving your leg while sitting can also lead to problems like Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual disorder in males wherein they find it problematic to get or maintain enough firm erection for sex.
  • If you are suffering from RLS, you are at high risk of 50% to meet the ED than those not with RLS.
  • Therefore, kindly get the consultation with the doctor to know about its management and coping methods.

#4 Depression- 

  • Depression is a medical condition wherein one feels mental exhaustion all the time. 
  • People with depression don’t find the activities enjoyable anymore they used to enjoy, such as sex. 
  • If you are taking specific anti-depressant medication, such medications can affect the testosterone level, which may cause low libido in men. 
  • Get a consultation with the doctor if you are experiencing low libido with the use of such medications.
  • The doctor may advise you to take other medications or how to cope with such fallouts.

#5 Some chronic medical conditions- 

  • When you are under any chronic medical conditions, so sex life seems low somewhat.
  • Medical conditions tend to reduce your sperm count and fertility over time.  
  • Some other medical conditions that affect your libido may consist of diabetes, high B.P, obesity, and high cholesterol.
  • If you are going through any medical conditions that are causing trouble between you and your partner, talk out with a marriage counselor and sex therapist.

#6 sleeping disorders- 

  • Sleeping habit plays an integral part in your mental, physical and sexual health. 
  • Sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea are responsible for low testosterone levels. 
  • And another study proves that not taking enough sleep daily tends to affect and lower your testosterone level, which results in low libido in men. 
  • Therefore, you should take enough sleep daily for healthy sex life. 
#7 Aging-
  • Age plays a significant role in testosterone levels.
  • During and the last phase of puberty, testosterone level is often high.
  • However, as the person crosses 30 or grows older, the testosterone level falls by 1 to 2% each year.
  • When the testosterone level fall, men find the problem of getting sexually aroused, encounter a lack of erection, and Erectile Dysfunction.
  • However, these conditions are treatable by reaching out to professionals to know about the right tactics.

#8 Alcohol- 

  • Excess consumption is also the prime factor causing low libido in men.
  • If you consume alcoholic drinks more than 14 glasses in a week, it affects your sex drive by lowering your testosterone level.
  • If you are habitual to alcohol so, try to cut off your alcohol consumption habit.
  • Taking alcohol daily leads to health deterioration by leading to physical, mental, and sexual health medical conditions.

#9 Drug abuse-

  • Intake of tobacco, marijuana, and other illegal drugs tend to decrease the level of testosterone.
  • You may find a lack of interest in sexual activities due to the consumption of such intoxicants.
  • Such drugs also affect the production of sperm and reduce the motility & mobility of the sperm.
  • Therefore, kindly stop using such products that are highly harmful to your health.
  • The long-term consumption of such products can lead to addiction and death.

What are the available treatments to treat low libido in men? 

There are several kinds of treatments to treat low libido in men. However, the doctor usually recommends recognizing the underlying medical condition or factor which is causing it. After recognizing, go for medical assistance to get treatment for respective medical conditions or factors.

There are remarkable natural techniques that can help you to manage your low libido and increases the testosterone level-

  • Try eating libido-boosting fruits such as apple and avocado.
  • Eat dark chocolates as it uplifts the mood.
  • Function to boost your self-confidence.
  • Avoid the excess consumption of alcohol. Take only one glass of beer per day.
  • Practice stress-releasing exercises to boot inner and outer confidence.
  • Daily get 8 hours of enough sleep without alteration.
  • Talk to your companion/partner about your needs and troubles.
  • Get the consultation if the case is extreme.
  • Reduce your day-to-day life stress.
  • Counseling with sexologist.


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