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Reason Of Erectile Dysfunction


Do Condoms are another reason for Erectile Dysfunction?

Condom-associated erection problem (CAEP) is the most underestimated issue during improper uses of it. The flavor or the quality is utterly useless until you don’t have the right fit or having proper sex education. However, without a Helmet, you can contact directly with Lucifer. So, as with condoms, a loose fit or no fit can enhance the chances of erectile dysfunction causes or low arousal esteem. 


Did you know? 

Recent research shows that the age between 14-24 experiencing CAEP. In fact, 14% of people have immediate ED while putting on Condoms. 


What is the reason behind it? 

Thus, the reason is dependable. For example, A wrong size, the flavor of condoms, Anxiety during Intercourse, Stress of regular work, Lack of workout, or having relationship problems with your partner. Hence, these are the primary reasons that can lower the self-esteem of arousal and make you feel jerk. 


The right fit can hit the bed: 

First of all, the right fit is necessary for good sex. However, during intercourse, you’re finding the packet and fitting it to your penis. But, immediately, you find it very loose or tight. No doubt it can be the reason for an immediate awkward situation. In that way, erectile dysfunction symptoms enhance and end up-to lack of intercourse desire. 


So, finding the right fit is essential. Moreover, recent research of WHO shows that men and women between the ages of 15 and 44 are the users of protection. Even 7% of women experienced Condom broke during the lapse of mating. 


“The right size is the right common sense of pleasure.” 


  • Measure your penis during an erection. 
  • Know the length, width, and girth carefully. 
  • Now, you understand the perfect fit. Go and buy the perfect one. 


Depression can lower the impression: 

Nearly 8 out of 10 people are facing the condition of Impotence. But, they’re still unaware of Anxiety disorder before erectile dysfunction treatment. Even stress and loads of work or having a traumatic relationship is the primary reason for it. 


Well, it is familiar with being anxious while implementing the novel posture or positions. For example, a new relationship needs more arousal and self-confidence. So, putting on a Condom in an improper manner can be awkward. 


Practice yourself to wear and gear on the bed with your loved ones. Even the medications of ED can improve the stability but knowing the right one is necessary. 


Medication can control the situation:

Just think how ED tablets could be very revolutionary. Yes, in 1998, the first tablet of ED introduces in the UK. After that, medications during generations over generations, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or Avanafil. 


These medications increase the flow of blood in the walls of the penis. Even these medications can treat ED properly. That’s the reason the prescription of a doctor is necessary. 



Viagra: Its 50mg medicinal remedy is enough. The effects will long-lasting, up to 4 hours.

Cialis: Hence, consult with your doctor according to the situation and the state of ED. Tadalafil is sufficient for 36 hours.

Levitra: The dose of Vardenafil 5 to 10 mg is enough to be long-lasting for up to 4-5 hours.

Stendra: Avanafil 100mg is the pepper solution for ED. It lasts up to 6 hours.


When do you can take these? 

Probably 30 to 60 minutes are enough before you’re going to making love with your partner.  


An open discussion with your partner: 

Hence, the explicit and erotic talks with your partner enhance the arousal. Not only this talking about the solution such as: 

  • The perfect position 
  • Points of arousal 
  • Favourite flavors
  • Attractive toys 

These topics are like cherries on the cake. So, be sensual while talking about these. 


Facts for the act of pleasurable life:

  • In the UK, there are 30 million condoms used regularly. 
  • Hence 1855 the first rubber condom developed. 
  • In fact, 58% of people feel embarrassed during the purchases of protection. 
  • Talking and discussing flavors are still embarrassing for some people. 


Confidence is the new sexy.

Instead of this, being confident while buying your favourite flavor and texture is necessary. Because it’s not the subject of embarrassment hence, it’s a solution to birth control, HIV, and AIDS.



What are the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction? 

  • Having trouble during erection
  • Low Intercourse esteem 
  • Least desire for mating 
  • Trouble keeping erection 
  • The minimum duration of intimate performances


If you’re facing such issues, consult with your doctor to reduces the chances of ED. 


Here are some other treatments for Impotence.

The appliance of Cream or massaging 

Good masturbation with ED cream or gel-like Topical alprostadil can be the best organic treatment. If you make your mind psychologically healthy during the exercises, the penis can be beneficial.  


Injection treatment

However, this one is the immediate effective treatment. You can inject the medicinal remedies into the base of the male reproductive system. It starts developing the erection within 15 minutes. 


Vacuum devices and Penile implants 

These are other ways of treating ED in men. So, don’t be worried about your sexual desires; it can enhance, and your daily lifestyle is also one reason. 


What did your regular activities say about you? 

Maturity is making your health your priority because your body will be with you at the end of your life.


  • Eat healthy because you will become what you eat regularly.
  • Your body needs the right fuel and workout; that’s why having 30 minutes of regular exercise may expand your mood and personal health. 
  • Positive thoughts and thinking are the game-changer against your Anxiety and depression. 
  • Make your immunity system healthy by consuming veggies and fruits rather than junkies. 


These traits reduce the erectile dysfunction symptoms that can make you long-lasting with your partner. 



However, Condom-associated erection problem (CAEP) is short-term issuance of ED. In other words, the right knowledge of shortlisting suitable condoms is necessary because it’s a thing that shows your sense of humor, as being funny shows an attractive personality. Go and get the best flavor for your sensational life.


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